Technical translation

Technical translation A wide array of texts can be considered technical. In fact, the types of translations included in this category are a matter of definition. In ILS’s experience product catalogues, technical specifications, brochures, user manuals as well as maintenance and service manuals all belong to this group.

The translation of technical texts presents a particular challenge, because most large companies have their own specific terminology. We therefore make every effort to develop a close working relationship with our clients in setting up a comprehensive list of internal expressions prior to translation, which contains the most relevant and specialized technical terms.

These days the advance of technology has made it possible for us to use translation memory programmes to assist our work, thus saving time and costs for our company and, of course, for our Customers. Quality has also improved as a result, since these programmes enable us to work more efficiently and to provide fully consistent translations. Upon request, our DTP (Desk Top Publishing) studio can edit the target language document to make its layout identical to that of the original one. In this way, the translations received by our clients are completely finished and ready to print.