Professional fields

Our main specialization is the translation of texts in the fields of technology, finance, economics, law, marketing, medicine and medical technology.

The following is a list of those professional areas, in the translation of which we have the most extensive experience:

  • car industry
  • chemistry
  • construction industry
  • electricity
  • electronic data processing
  • electronics
  • environmental protection and environmental technology
  • finance
  • information technology (software/hardware)
  • law
  • marketing
  • mechanical engineering and plant construction
  • medicine and medical technology
  • metallurgy and the metal industry
  • microelectronics
  • packaging machines
  • pharmaceutics and the pharmaceutical industry
  • pneumatics
  • solar technology and renewable energy sources
  • telecommunications

We provide translation services to all institutions of the European Union.

Should you be interested in translations in additional professional areas, please let us know.

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